Izzmar’s telecommunication, media and IT strategies propel your business to heightened success. Our projects continually evolve based on market changes determining requirements and outcomes.

Our primary focus is always on the project goals that are the most essential and desirable for your business. This is why we offer a comprehensive list of Project Management Services in a variety of Sectors.

Izzmar Consultants – Project Management Services


Project Review

We review your current projects and strategies, seeing if they are optimised for maximum returns. Based on our findings, we guide you appropriately.

Resource Analysis

Resource Analysis

We conduct a thorough audit of your available skills and resources. This determines how quickly, easily and efficiently, you can complete your project.

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We provide project management training sessions so that your clients receive the ideal solutions suited to their problems.


Project Networking

We help you make quick and easily understandable project networks to gain more time for the actual project. Our state-of-the-art telecommunication systems let you digitise networking and access the network at any time with ease.

Management Consulting

Project Management Consulting

Our top telecommunication consultants help you devise the best ways to boost your business with your existing projects. We help you improve efficiency and efficacy in project management.

Sectors and Areas – Areas


Information Technology




Networking and Events





Sectors and Areas - Industry Sectors

At Izzmar, we are on the constant lookout for new trends in telecommunications. Based on these industry changes, we determine the ideal telecommunication business processes that will add value to your company.

Below are some critical sectors within the telecommunication market we focus on. Our experience covers a truly global footprint.

ICT spending is generally forecast to track GDP growth over the next decade.  However, the overall industry will grow to twice the GDP as new technologies, starting to account for a larger market share.  IoT is contributing to market growth and within 5-10 years, new technologies such as AI (Artificial Intelligence), robotics and VR/AR will further expand and overall represent over 25% of ICT spending.

In the next 5 years growth in traditional technology spending will be driven by 4 platforms: mobile, cloud, social and big data/analytics.  In the interim, cost savings from automation and cloud will see spend more towards new technologies such as blockchain, AR/VR, Artificial intelligence and robotics. New technologies related to Next – Generation technologies will also continue to drive significant growth.

Our expert telecommunication consultants provide all project management and implementation for carrier services. This includes:

    • Setting up and advising on carrier termination data & enterprise solutions
    • Cloud switching
    • Billing
    • MVNO, MVNE and other emerging telecommunication markets

With the help of our highly-skilled telecommunications partners, we ensure your business runs faster and more effectively.

DCB is an online payment method that allows users to make purchases by charging payments to their mobile phone bill. This facility is available on every smartphone with a SIM card.

Mobile billing is a driving force in today’s digital life. It plays a huge role in social, market and individual development. It also makes the individual and business’ life much more comfortable.

At Izzmar, we can show how your business can benefit from this revenue stream across many industries. With a telecommunication business process tailored to your needs, we ensure you get the solutions you deserve!

Africa is slowly becoming one of the world’s major consumers of media and entertainment.

    • The second-most populous continent has the youngest population, with an average age lower than 20 years.
    • With streaming and content providers vying for consumer spending, this sector provides many opportunities for customer growth and retention.
    • OTT TV, video, pay per TV and gaming are continued growth areas as consumers use the mobile handset as their chosen communication device.
    • Whether it’s through quad-play or individual product media, content is driving the growth in telecommunication sectors.

Izzmar Limited has the skills and resources to drive success in this sector. Especially in one based on consumer choice, we are ready to adapt and anticipate customer behaviours and wants.

High-quality and data fuels consumers use and consume more content. Combine this with secure digital infrastructure, and you are providing essential services in the 21st century.

Our telecommunication consultants can advise and have technical knowledge to build critical infrastructure for your business. We build critical infrastructure for your business. Our expert team is proficient in PoP, co-location and data centres, providing excellent solutions for your business requirements. From cloud-based to physical locations, our infrastructure build will allow you to grow your customer base and services.

Many SMEs and corporates spend time and resources worrying about network infrastructure. We want you to unburden yourself and let us take over. Our Service Level Agreement (SLA) ensures that your infrastructure and data is managed with high-quality security. You can focus on important things like running a business. Our SLA comes with a wide range of benefits:

    • We provide cloud-based managed services, or physical infrastructure managed services.
    • We help with your network, application, systems, servers, backup/recovery, workstation and printer management.
    • We can provide this service based on your technology requirements and ensure full 24 hr support services, including disaster recovery.
    • Our managed services give you our expertise, predictable monthly costs, maintenance, and software upgrades, thereby saving your business-critical time.

Here at Izzmar, we provide managed services that cover all your communication and IT requirements, holistically!

Banks and other such financial services require proper identification documents. A considerable amount of the population in Africa and other continents do not have this. This lack of identification holds them back from engaging in mobile money transfer.

Countries have started giving their citizens national identity cards to improve access to financial institutions. This fuels the global growth of mobile consumer and B2B payments through electronic methods. The benefits of this are:

    • Mobile money payment services enable customers to send, receive, and store money using their mobile phones. This can result in economic growth and the uptake of financial services in developing countries.
    • MNO’s are the primary source that offers mobile money. This means mobile banking is the leading financial service in many developing countries since they are faster than the other banking services.

Izzmar Limited provides white label solutions for mobile money. In addition to this, we build apps and software to add this to your business product or services. You become part of this global trend and reap the benefits of the shift towards mobile banking!